Gamma Sports Ball Hopper Pro Gold 85

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Expert Review

Gamma makes a smaller hopper that holds 50 balls called the Risette, but if you want to step up to a larger hopper then try the Pro Gold 85. The basket has a hexagonal design that seems to hold more balls efficiently in a given space. The frame is welded and coated for weather resistance. The bottom of the hopper has additional wear bumpers to add to the life of the product.

To consider if this is the right product for you, make your choice based on capacity and features rather than price; think about hitting 85 balls out of the basket. If you hit one serve every 15 seconds, that's about 20 minutes of serving practice. If you’re drilling ground strokes and hitting 20 balls in a row, then the Pro Gold 85 may the choice for you. You'll find this ball hopper for less than $50 at most outlets so you.Rating: 5/5

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