Gator GB-4G-ACOUSTIC 4G Series Acoustic Guitar Gig-Bag

Gator GB-4G-ACOUSTIC 4G Series Acoustic Guitar Gig-Bag Add to MyBests

Expert Review

I’ve never really felt the skin of a live alligator, but context clues tend to make me think that if I wanted to store something important under the protection of an animal’s skin, the gator wouldn’t be the worst option. Regardless of where it gets its name from, the Gator GB-4G Acoustic guitar gig bag is an ideal choice for acoustic guitarists looking for something to easily transport their axe when traveling or doing gigs whilemaintaining flexibility so said travel isn’t cumbersome. Its heavy padding (8mm GFLEX) ensures that your acoustic guitar will stay safe, while the exterior shoulder straps and back padding also make it comfortable to carry around. Other exterior features also make this acoustic gig bag a great option. The company’s patent-pending Pick-Clip gives you ready access to a spare guitar pick, which definitely comes in handy when you’re on the move or even when you’re in the middle of a gig and need a pick quickly. The bag’s large outer pocket is perfect for storing guitar accessories like cables, a tuner, capo, slide, and more.Rating: 5/5

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