General International, Excalibur EX-30 Tilting Head Scroll Saw

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Expert Review

The Excalibur series of scroll saws are some of the most unique designs on the market. This 30-inch model, of theirs is also one of the largest, allowing work on huge pieces that other saws can’t handle. It can also handle working on projects which are up to 2-inches thick, whereas most other saws have to stop far short of that mark.

The most unique thing about this saw is the arms and blade tilt, rather than the table. This is controlled by a rack and pinion, rather than simply being free floating. The tilt feature allows you to do angled cuts, while still having the ease of holding the workpiece on a flat surface. The upper arm also swings up for easier blade changes and easier inserting of the blade through holes for inside cuts.

This saw now comes with a dust-collector hook-up kit, where older versions didn’t. The power switch and speed control are conveniently mounted on the upper arm, where you can see and reach them easily, as well as there being a quick release for the blade.Rating: 5/5

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