Gibson '57 Classic Plus Guitar Pickup

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Gibon’s ’57 Classic Plus humbucker pickup mirrors the design of the standard ’57 Classic, but is slightly overwound to raise the output and slightly enhance the sound without comprising the vintage tone of its predecessor, of course. Much like its older counterpart, the Classic Plus has the same enamel-like coated wiring, Alnico II magnet, and maple spacers to unlock that sought-after tone. Whether you’re using the Classic Plus on a clean channel or are using it to drive out the signal of a overdriven wall of sound, the integrity of the audio fidelity will remain intact. Although the pickup can be used in a variety of guitars, utilizing it with a Les Paul will likely provide the best possible tonal results. It’s rare to find something that can make your sound bigger yet still manageable, but Gibson has been able to crack the code with the Classic Plus.Rating: 5/5

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