Gigabyte Radeon R9 390X Video Card

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Expert Review

This is a great AMD video card, especially if your computer case and setup is not designed for a liquid-cooled video card. It has 8GB of very fast 512-bit GDDR5 memory that runs at 6.0GHz, so it can handle any PC game you throw at it, even at very high settings. The core clock speed of the GPU is 1060MHz, which is definitely fast enough for just about any task, and it has 2,816 Stream processors, making it ideal for the latest PC games and titles that will be released over the next few years. This card supports up to four displays at once, with HD 4K support and a number of connections including three DisplayPort connectors, an HDMI port, and a DVI-D port. One thing to keep in mind with this model is it has a more conventional cooling design. Twin 90mm fans can deal with the heat this card produces, but a lot of that heat is vented into your tower, so make sure you have the case fans to handle it.Rating: 4.25/5