Gitzo GM2541 Series 2 6X Carbon Fiber Monopod 4 Section with G-Lock

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    The Italian-made Gitzo Series 2 GM2541 Carbon Fiber Moonopod is one of the industry's most popular supports. You'll find this exact model on NFL sidelines stabilizing kits with massive lenses like those professional sports staple 600mm telephoto monsters. It’s also favored by travelers with an uncompromising desire for quality and performance in situations where traditional tripods are not allowed.

    Weighing barely over a pound, the Series 2 GM2541 is rated at 26.4 pounds. This means you would be able to mount the heaviest lens and camera you own on top of this pick and still trust that the leg won't slip! This is made possible thanks to years of pioneering design and implementation of carbon fiber by Gitzo. In fact, this manufacturer was one of the first companies to use carbon fiber as a support material.

    Gitzo is also responsible for the G-Lock technology that allows the user to twist a leg lock just a quarter turn to lock/unlock the leg sections. Before G-Lock, and subsequent similarly designed leg locks, one had to twist for several rotations to get a secure lock, and a complete release would often require a few rotations itself. The benefit here is with a quick flick of the wrist you can unlock and lock the legs and be ready to shoot with minimal setup. This monopod also utilizes a gravity lock weight-mounting system to aid the leg locks in locking all the more tightly.

    The Gitzo Series 2 GM2541 rates highly because it's a jack-of-all-trades and a near master of them all. It's small enough to travel lightly, yet stable enough for the most demanding applications. You'd be hard-pressed to find a situation where the GM2541 would not excel. While the Gitzo Series 2 GM2541 is not the most expensive monopod on this list, it’s by no means cheap; this is very much a tool used by professionals so expect the price tag to match. Rest assured, this monopod will likely last for your entire picture making career.Rating: 5/5

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