GobSpark Armageddon FireSteel

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    If user reviews alone are enough to convince you, then by all means peruse the hundreds and hundreds of five-star reviews that praise the GobSpark. If not, here are some notable highlights of this little fire starting gem. For starters, firesteel is an important consideration for emergency preparedness since it works even when it's wet. The handle is huge and very easy to securely grasp while you create your shower of sparks. Adding the Palm Scraper further simplifies the process, and you can even leave your gloves on if conditions are super-cold. Plus, that Palm Scraper clips right onto the GobSpark, keeping your system compact, organized, and protected. The firesteel itself is longer and thicker than many options currently on the market and will help you make tens of thousands of fires (yes, you read that right) in its lifetime. The sparks burn super hot (upwards of 5500F) and are easy to aim. Even with the added weight of the Palm Scraper, this gear weighs just 2.3 ounces (1.7 without the scraper), making this fire starter a viable option for even minimalist adventurists.Rating: 5/5

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