GOgroove FlexSMART X2 Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter

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Expert Review

This wireless transmitter utilizes a Bluetooth connection to play music from your smartphone device with crystal clear sound. Highs come through sharp and lows deep and resonant, where other transmitters can sometimes fry the sound before it even hits your speakers. The FlexSMART X2 is also smart enough to fade out the song when your phone rings, so there's no sudden drop in the music.

Tuning the unit for transmission is fully digital with a bright red LED display and includes auto-seek capability to automatically locate a suitable station on the go. Once you're synced-up, control of your smartphone device is also done through the unit, easily accessible and positioned on a fully articulating gooseneck stem. Track selection, play/pause, answer and end call buttons are all there at your fingertips.

There's also a USB port to charge your chosen device while it's in use, a helpful feature to have for some of those smartphones with notoriously short battery life. Best of all, it even works with non-Bluetooth enabled devices; the FlexSMART X2 has a 3.5mm input for connecting directly into the transmitter unit.Rating: 5/5