Gold Tone MicroBass

Expert Review

Whether you’re looking for an instrument to travel with for practice, live performance, or take to the studio, Gold Tone’s Microbass 23 fits the bill. This is an acoustic travel bass which adopts a mini dreadnaught design that not only feels comfortable to hold and play, but produces a sound that might make you do a double take. High tension polymer strings enable you to play a variety of styles in different intensities, without having to worry about the guitar being too flimsy due to its size.

This ukelele-sized acoustic bass also weighs 2.8 pounds which makes it ideal for the musician who’s on the go. Its mahogany neck and back give it a deep low-end tone necessary for any instrument that identifies as a bass, and the electronic system includes a piezo transducer with built-in tuner, EQ, and volume. It’s a one-stop-shop for bassists who want to have all the finer things in a simple, compact package. Available in both fretted and fretless configurations, this is definitely a versatile instrument that gives players a deep sound without taking up a large amount of space at an affordable price.Rating: 4/5

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