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As of November 16th, 2011

Expert Review

GoldenEar Technology, the latest brainchild of Sandy Gross, one of the masterminds behind Polk Audio and Definitive Technology, has the mission of making superior-sounding loudspeakers and selling them at a fraction of the price of comparable or even lesser products. Thats a tall order, but one theyve apparently been able to achieve in the SuperCinema 3 System.

GoldenEars speakers are unique on a number of levels, not the least of which is their HVFR, or High Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeter. As GoldenEar describes them, these tweeters move air by squeezing it between the folds of the ribbon, rather than pushing it like a conventional tweeter, resulting in more controlled high-frequency response and greater extension; the five SuperSat 3 speakers included in the SuperCinema system have a dynamic range that extends to a skyscraping 35,000 Hz.

The 4 -inch mid-bass drivers are constructed using baskets made from cast rather than stamped metal, giving greater strength and rigidity, while using less material. This allows for more open space behind the cone, preventing sound from reflecting off the basket itself. The star-shaped plug in the center of the driver is GoldenEars proprietary MVPP, or Multi Vaned Phase Plug, which presumably helps to disperse the high mid-bass frequencies that are emitted from that area of the cone.

Ignoring convention yet again, GoldenEar equipped its Forcefield 3 sub's unusually shaped trapezoidal enclosure with an 8-inch high-excursion driver coupled with a 9-by-11-inch quadratic passive radiator and powered it with a massive 1000-watt digital amplifier.

The result of all of these innovations is a stable and enveloping soundfield, with the five equally-equipped main speakers producing highs with great detail and clarity balanced with a robust midrange that is evenly dispersed and quite literally fills the room with sound. The Forcefield 3, as one might predict from its formidable specs, delivers pounding bass with ease, but with fine tuning can blend seamlessly with the SuperSats, balancing its power with great subtlety and finesse.

Theres an old saying about there being many ways to the top of the mountain. The GoldenEar SuperCinema 3 certainly wont take you by the most-traveled route, but it will most assuredly get you there. And at a list price of $1750, youll be left with something in your pocket when you arrive. Rating: 4/5

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