GoldenEar Triton Two Floor Standing Speaker

Expert Review

The Triton Two is Sandy Grossmans current flagship with GoldenEar, and while its no match for flagships from the biggest names, it gives everything in its price range, and well above, a run for its money. The Triton Two is an ideal solution for those who want serious sound but cant afford to spend too much expanding into a 2.1 or 5.1 system: even without a dedicated subwoofer in tow, the Triton Two delivers serious bass impact and body, and can reach deep into subbass territory if they are fed by a powerful amplifier. Grossman quotes the Twos as reaching all the way down to 16hz, an insane spec for tower speakers on their own; most dedicated woofers dont even reach this low.

The Twos also sport an extremely impressive soundstage on their own, even without surrounds. Their impressive dynamic presence, thanks in part to the excellent bass performance, gives them a very full, open sound, and while cues wont quite surround you fully if youre paying attention, their spaciousness is sufficient to watch movies and not really miss a full surround system. They perform very well with music, too: they have a tasteful warmth that many old school audiophiles will appreciate.

The Twos impressive soundstage performance is due, at least in part, to their redesigned HVFR tweeter, a folded ribbon design that differs slightly from that used by most speakers in that it pressurizes air in its folded design instead of merely firing directly outward. This creates a wider field of dispersion and, in this case, a smoother response that is a real asset to the Twos presentation, keeping treble away from harshness and giving excellent dimensionality to the overall sound.

The Triton Twos are an outstanding buy at under $3,000 a pair, and share many characteristics with speakers many times their price. Between their impeccable performance, incredible value, and unprecedented versatility, the Triton Twos are likely the best you can do for under $5,000, making even Revels F208 sound slightly closed-in and a bit thin in comparison. These are very, very serious speakers at a great price, and considering that you wont need a subwoofer unless youre a serious basshead, the deal is even sweeter than it looks.Rating: 5/5

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