Gorilla Glue 7800101 Super Glue Tubes

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    The Gorilla Glue 7800101 Super Glue Tubes, 2-Piece, 3 Gram is the number one, best super glue for one because Gorilla Glue is insanely strong. I touched briefly on how good Gorilla Glue is in other reviews on this site before. It’s ridiculous how well the stuff works. Moreover, the glue is toughened with rubber. This makes the bond impact resistant, which is good if you plan on using it on something that might take a beating after you repair it (i.e. a kid’s toy). Furthermore, this glue has an anti-clog tip. This is good if you plan on getting a glue that you can store briefly between uses (super glue likes to dry quickly, clogging nozzle tips). I also love that this glue is a bit thicker than average, which makes it easier to control (runny super glue is a nightmare because it’s really hard to get it to stay where your pour it before applying the bond). Finally, this is a great deal because you get two tubes, thereby increasing your value.Rating: 5/5

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