Graco EvenFlow In-Line Valve Roller Assembly 245397

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Expert Review

What we have here is a power roller assembly that is made to attach to an airless paint sprayer. As such, it will really outperform any of the units Ive listed, and really should be the number one pick. However, I didn't pick it as number one, because of the several hundred dollar price tag of the airless paint sprayer. This is what a professional painter would use, instead of an all-in-one power paint roller. Even so, I really dont recommend this type of unit for a homeowner, as youll have a little bit of trouble recouping your investment. However, should you decide that you want the best, this is it. Graco makes some of the finest professional paint equipment available. I have owned their equipment and should the need arise, would never hesitate to buy it again. One of the really great things about these, besides the quality construction, is that they come with a much longer extension handle. I find that working with a 3-foot long handle makes rolling faster and less tiring. While you have the extra weight of the handle, you have much less reaching to do.Rating: 4/5

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