Gretsch C-65142S Maple Shell Snare Drum

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Expert Review

The sound of Gretsch drums have long been associated with Jazz music and it seems as though their drums are designed specifically for the Jazz drummer. This custom wood snare by Gretsch has a 6-ply maple shell offered in a wide selection of attractive finishes. There are two different options for the throw off including the classic Gretsch lighting design (Which I prefer because I’m used to its motion) and a newer Dunnet throw off. This drum has Gretsch’s proprietary snare bed cut into the drum making it more responsive than most drums. The drum has reliable die-cast hoops and several options for number of lugs (I prefer to have a lot of lugs because of more control when tuning.) This drum has a very warm sound which fits in well with any Jazz ensemble.Rating: 5/5

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