Hagen Marina 360-Degree Aquarium Starter Kit

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    With its sleek and simple design, integrated yet hidden filtration system, and multiple atmospheric options the Marina 360? Aquarium is a perfect option for a desktop aquarium. The Marina 360? provides an unobstructed view from any angle of your office not only allowing you the joy of your aquatics, but any office visitors as well. It has a special housing unit to conceal the filtration system, water circulation pump, and lighting. The lighting has two LED options for bright daylight or blue nightlight. The housing unit is easily removed for thorough cleaning of your tank and all accessories. The Marina 360? comes complete with a removable cover, biological aquarium supplement to start the water cycle, and water conditioner. The greatest feature of this tank is its three water setup options-cold, temperate, or tropical-allowing for a broader range of aquatic life than most tanks. The only additional part you may have to purchase separately is a Marina heater should you choose to house tropical fish.Rating: 5/5

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