Hauppauge 1512 HD-PVR 2 High-Def Personal Video Recorder

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This PVR (personal video recorder) is meant to work in concert with your pre-existing cable box or satellite hookup, but with this unit you can avoid paying your service provider's DVR subscription fee. With the Hauppauge 1512, you pay a one time price of around $200 and that's it, no monthly bill to record and store your favorite movies and TV shows from your cable service. Just connect the HD-PVR 2 to your box and then control the channels from the unit, setting recordings from Hauppauge's TV scheduler. Avid gamers can also connect the PVR to their PC or just about any gaming console like the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, to record those memorable moves that your friends just wouldn't believe without seeing them for themselves. The footage is captured in 1080p resolution using the H.264 video encoding format that is used to compress content on Blu-ray discs and is designed to bring excellent picture clarity while using less storage space. Recording your game is easy, just hit the record button on top of the unit and the machine does the rest. Once you've got some awesome footage of your expertise, it's ready to be uploaded to YouTube or open a StreamEez account to stream and upload the content to Twitch or UStream. If you start to run out of space, you can offload your TV shows, movies, and game footage onto a DVD-R that can be played in DVD or Blu-ray player.Rating: 4.25/5

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