Havahart X-Small One Door Trap

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    The best in humane live trapping for rats ends with the Havahart X-Small One Door Trap. It is easy to bait, easy to set and once the rat goes inside and nibbles on the bait, the gravity door falls behind the rodent and it can't get out. The solid steel top, where the handle resides, is a positive shield that keeps your hands and fingers away from sharp teeth. When it's time to release the rat, simply pull up on the top of the door, while standing behind the trap, and the rodent will scurry away. It's that easy. The single door design allows you to place the trap in a corner or against the wall, giving the rat a false sense of security for maximum effectiveness. Although not inexpensive, it works and it may be the only trap you'll need.Rating: 5/5

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