Head Black Jack Racquetball Racquet Strung with Cover

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    The Head Blackjack contains a smart material called d3o, which changes its behavior depending on dynamic loading and impact. The material is smart enough to sense the needs of players during different strokes and hits during a match. This material in the throat of the racquet will stiffen when you hit the ball hard to maximize power, and it will flex when you hit softly to maximize control and feel. Head’s corrugated throat is a new throat design that allows for corrugated rails to be incorporated into the racquet’s throat. These rails create a higher percentage of stiffness and provide the player with more power. The Blackjack is 22 inches long, weighs 160 grams unstrung and comes with another of Head’s modern technologies, IGS2, Inner Grommet System. The IGS2 eliminates the need for exterior grommet holes which means less weight with optimal stiffness.Rating: 5/5

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