Head I.CT KERS Snowboard

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Imagine James Bond takes a blade of a super-chopper prototype, straps it to his feet, and snowboards down a mountain. That may sound like a movie scene or video game, but it's actually not that far from what went down at Head Snowboard USA. The company's ICT KERS snowboard steals tech that was intended for helicopter blades. As you speed up, fibers inside the board vibrate and become more rigid giving you more torsional rigidity exactly when you need it. So you get a softer, easier ride at slow speeds, but a powerful, stable ride at faster speeds. Combine that with KERS and you're going to smoke everyone on the mountain. Head didn't invent the concept behind KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System)--you'll find it in F1 racing and experimental Ferraris--but Head did apply it gorgeously to a snowboard. KERS captures energy usually lost in vibrations and throws it into your turn or jump to give you a little extra speed and oomph. A relative bargain compared to these other military-grade sticks, the ICT KERS prices in just under $800.Rating: 4.75/5

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