HGST Ultrastar 15K600 Hard Drive

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Much like the Cheetah, HGST, now a Western Digital subsidiary, also offers you the Enterprise equivalent solution of a ridiculously fast 15,000 RPM drive for whatever your heart can desire. While you may wonder "why not just get an SSD?", the 15,000 RPM drive offers a higher capacity, competitive price, and exceptional features and offerings. Clocking in with up to 600 GB in capacity and up, this drive is more angled towards an enterprise server in need of quick data transfers, or for a PC user's OS system to be installed on for maximum efficiency. Backed by a five year warranty, HGST assures you this drive will stand the test of time in the wake of heavy competition in the SSD sector. If you can afford this drive, it certainly can be worth the investment.Rating: 4.5/5

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