HGST Ultrastar 7k4000 Hard Drive

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Performance means more than just speed, but also capacity. As PC owners let their libraries of music, games, and videos grow into the terabytes, they'll be needing the right fast, high-capacity drives to meet this demand. HGST, formerly Hitachi and now part of Western Digital, offers one of the few affordable and high-capacity, high-performance drives on the market. Since coming to the market last year, the 4TB drives have become a wonderful option for those who are happy to have the 7200RPM speed but plenty of drive space for all your favorite movies, music and more. HGST is one of the big three hard-drive makers and this drive in particular is backed by a five year warranty. All in all this makes it a wonderful option for those who need fairly fast drives, but also a lot of space to hold their files with.Rating: 4/5

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