High Definition Drum 3 Microphone Recording DrumKit System

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    Earthworks proclaims their DK25/R DrumKit System as a method to return to the classic sounds of drum recording, offering a sound that is the antithesis to sterile and disconnected-sounding drums that often occur from ill-advised drum miking techniques of the modern era. This package includes two TC25 omni-directional microphones for overheads and an SR25 cardioid mic for the kick drum. The included KickPad offers an enhancement for that kick drum recording, acting as the middle man between the mic and the instrument itself while providing a sweetened EQ. The KickPad can also be used with other instruments as well, so they recommend experimenting with other components of the drum kit or even other instruments in general. A pristine cherry wood carrying case and patented windscreen provide even more enhancement to the overall package, building on top of the superb frequency response and fast diaphragm setting time that all of these microphones provide.Rating: 4.25/5

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