HMDX Jam Plus Portable Speaker

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The HDMX Jam Plus is a great option for those looking for a portable speaker to take with them for casual, every-day applications. It doesn't offer enough volume to be used outdoors for a group, but it can provide background music for a small picnic or relaxing on the beach with a friend or two. It works very well indoors and the mic is powerful enough to host a conference call around a small table. It doesn't put out gobs of bass, but it has enough punch to show bass tones in electronic music and give some resonant fullness to instruments if the surrounding environment isn't too noisy. The midrange and treble are prominent and detailed enough to do justice to most music, but the Jam Plus isn't exceptionally enjoyable for careful or critical listening. The form factor is a big win for the Jam: it is small enough to fit in even a small purse or handbag, and won't take up much space at all in a suitcase or backpack. Bluetooth connectivity is solid at 15 feet but loses some resolution as the source gets further away and cuts out at time over 20 feet. This little guy is a decent option on a budget and will work well enough for most intended uses of a bluetooth speaker. If you're on a tight budget and need portable audio with a mic, the Jam will serve you well.Rating: 4/5

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