Honeywell 2 in 1 Whole Room Baseboard Heater (HZ-817)

Expert Review

The Honeywell HZ-817 baseboard heater is an excellent choice for hallways or drafty rooms that never quite seem to warm up properly. This highly rated, low-profile space heater offers plenty of convenience and performance for the money.

EnergySmart technology allows the unit to self-regulate the flow of electricity, preventing the use of any more energy than is absolutely needed. Honeywell claims that this leads to savings of up to 35 percent over traditional heaters.

Three heat settings and an adjustable thermostat offer plenty of control, with the built-in fan being used for quickly dispersing heat throughout the space. The heater is very quiet when the fan isn’t on, making it suitable for use in a bedroom while tip-over protection and overheat protection ensure your safety.Rating: 4.25/5

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