Hoya 77mm HD3 Circular Polarizer

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Expert Review

One of the most popular filters brands, Hoya has been producing quality photographic filters since the early 1940's. The culmination of all that knowledge is evident in their latest offering, the HD3 circular polarizer.

The HD3 is a step up to the very popular Pro1 line and, among other things, utilizes a higher light transmission design. Though more expensive, the benefit here cannot be understated. The more light that is allowed into the lens, the more photographic opportunities a photographer has. More opportunities means greater creative options, and that's worth something indeed!

Hoya filters have a well-documented history of being difficult to clean at times, but Hoya has since rectified these concerns with aplomb. In fact, the Hoya HD3 Circular Polarizers are extremely easy to maintain and clean. Having a whopping 16-layer (8 front, 8 back) coating process, the HD3 has dedicated layers to cleaning, not to mention an array of coats to cut down flaring and they do that job very well.

The HD3's filter rings are thin aluminum-alloy, matte coated to stop reflections and are front-threaded. Though they are aluminum, the rings are anodized to prevent binding, which is a concern for any non-brass rings. The ring profile is super thin so this filter gets along with wide-angle lenses.Rating: 4.5/5

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