Husqvarna Platinum 16 Quilting Machine

Expert Review

If price is no object and you want the best quilting machine out there, you won't be disappointed with the Husqvarna Platinum 16 Quilting Machine. This is a dedicated quilting machine with the capability to lay down up to 1500 stitches per minute for fast quilting while one tap of the foot pedal will conveniently raise and lower the needle.

This machine features a huge, 16 inch throat space to give you plenty of room to lay out and adjust your quilt before and during sewing. It will also track your sewing motions while regulating the stitch length as fabric is moved around the table.

The Platinum 16 has large capacity bobbins which hold four different spools of thread for longer sewing time between refills, a computerized touch screen lets you choose stitches before they’re sewed, and multiple LED lights will keep shadows at bay during sewing. It comes with a one year full service warranty, but optional warranty plans are available.Rating: 5/5

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