Ibanez TS808 Original Tube Screamer Overdrive Pedal

Expert Review

Ibanez’s TS808 Original Tube Screamer is the overdrive pedal responsible for shaping the tone of legendary blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan. Providing a preamp-like tone, the TS808’s sound sits somewhat adjacent to fuzz and distortion with a character that is all its own. Its simplistic three knob design provides players with a quick and easy way to dial in the sound that best fits the song with Overdrive, Tone, and Level being the three parameters at play here. The pedal’s features an all-metal casing which helps ensure that the TS808 is actually built as tough as it's namesake sounds. Beyond its iconic green shell, the pedal is also remarkable for its square toggle switch, which makes turning the effect on and off much easier for guitarists.Rating: 5/5

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