Infinity PC351BK 5.25" 3-Way Passive Center Channel Speaker (Black)

Infinity PC351BK 5.25" 3-Way Passive Center Channel Speaker (Black) Add to MyBests

Expert Review

The Infinity Primus falls at the top end of what are consider "budget" speakers, with an entire 7.2 setup available for around $2000 and 5.1 for under $1500. The PC351 delivers a clear midrange that rarely sounds honky, and incorporates a dome tweeter for room-filling sound that doesn't require a professional ear to place and setup. The Primus's center channel delivers crisp, clear vocals and acceptable bass response that helps create a clear 3D image that puts it clearly ahead of other centers costing under $200. Its dual 5-inch woofers produce clear, tight bass that doesn't distort until volumes necessary to fill a very large room, over 600 square feet. The Infinite Primus system has a very smooth, warm, ear-pleasing sound and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser with its easy-to-like presentation. It is very detailed for the price, and is likely to make most people looking to bring true surround sound to their home theater without breaking the bank very happy.Rating: 5/5

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