Ingersoll Rand (IRTR3130K1) 20 Volt 3/8" Drive Cordless Ratchet

Ingersoll Rand (IRTR3130K1) 20 Volt 3/8" Drive Cordless Ratchet Add to MyBests

Expert Review

This is a solid tool from Ingersoll Rand with good battery life, plentiful power and great durability. Where lesser electric ratchets will sometimes use cheap plastics to reduce the cost and weight, Ingersoll Rand doesn't skimp. The handle is constructed with high strength, composite plastics and metal to increase strength and guard against the inevitable drops and sudden impacts that come with moving frozen fasteners.

One thing I really love about this tool is the placement of the battery. Most electric tools have a bulky battery stuck on the end like the head of the mace but the battery for this electric ratchet is oriented inline with the handle. It keeps the shape slim, balanced and easy to manage even if it looks a bit odd at first glance.Rating: 5/5