Interstate Batteries MTP Series Car Battery

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The best car batteries combine strong, reliable starting performance with a long warranty just in case anything goes wrong, and Interstate understands this down to a science. The MTP series is, as Interstate claims, the best flooded (i.e. standard, non-AGM) battery that the company offers. It's offered in over two dozen of the most common battery sizes, and are commonly found at auto repair shops and tire dealers. Cold cranking amp performance varies depending on the size, but Interstate batteries generally carry a higher CCA rating than many OE batteries. As of May 1, 2019, the warranty period for all MTP-series batteries is 30 months free replacement, followed by a prorated amount of 45% between months 31-48, 25% between months 49-60, and 10% between months 61 and 72.

Need any more reassurance that Interstate batteries are a popular go-to choice? Costco has discontinued their Kirkland Signature battery line and has opted to carry Interstate batteries in their place. Costco may have a different warranty policy, however - be sure to check before you buy.

*If your car requires an AGM battery, check out the MTX series for the correct replacement battery.Rating: 5/5

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