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The iPad Air 2 marks the further development of Apple's revolutionary iPad design. This newest version of the iPad Air adds a more potent A8X processor, even better cameras, and Touch ID into an increasingly thinner and lighter body. Also updated are the anti-reflective screen to better resist glare, more storage options, and higher configuration options.

Despite the lighter and thinner body than even the previous iPad Air, this tablet manages to feel even more sturdy and rigid than ever. Unlike original iPads, it can easily be held for long periods of time with one hand, reducing fatigue during video-watching marathons. Battery life remains about the same as the previous model, which was quite good.

With an excellent screen and cameras, fast processor, and essential features such as fingerprint scanning, the iPad Air 2 undoubtedly maintains the iPad's position as the best tablet currently available. Although those with a previous generation iPad Air will likely not find too many reasons to rush to upgrade, those coming from the original iPad will notice a huge difference in performance and overall user experience.Rating: 5/5

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