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It’s clear that Apple is taking its design strategy from companies that are in the business of making processors one year introduces a new design, the next a refinement of that design. It’s often called a tick-tok approach to design and its something that Apple’s been doing since the iPhone 3G and 3GS. We’re up to the iPhone 6S Plus, the company’s second bona fide large format mobile phone (or, if you prefer, phablet), but while it looks the same as last year’s 6 Plus, there’s a surprising number of improvements and changes under the hood that makes this one of the best refinements Apple’s devices.

The first thing that catches one’s attention is that, well, it doesn’t look any different than last year’s which is the case in Apple’s S models. However, even that’s misleading. The aluminum used in the device is a harder, 7000-series aluminum that’s used in aerospace applications and on the Apple Watch Sport as well. The glass is a harder stuff, made from a "dual-ion exchange" process. In any case, it’s a harder, sturdier device with no reports of bending this year. The only giveaway, visually, that you’re packing an iPhone 6S Plus would be to order it in rose gold, the new color introduced with the new phone. If you’re not as interested in showing off (or if pink just isn’t you color) space grey, silver and gold are still available.

Storage capacities remain the same at 16GB, 64GB and 128GB. Many tech outlets have made it clear that Apple’s 16GB model should be avoided. The demands of larger apps and the iPhone 6S’ improved still and video capabilities (more on this later), makes the 64GB model the real entry model for real world users.Apple’s also baked in a new user interface option into the 6S with 3D Touch. Building on Force Touch, which allows Apple Watch and newer-generation MacBook Pro and MacBook Air users to access additional options by pressing harder on their devices, 3D Touch offers similar usability on the new iPhone (albeit on a limited number of first-and third-party apps at the time of this review).

The camera sensor is also improved with a 12 megapixel sensor that also shoots 4K video (at 30 frames per second). What this means for the moms, dads and grandparents that make up much of the iPhone customer base is that the iPhone 6S can now shoot stills and capture video with more clarity and a higher resolution than ever before. Apple’s also added what it calls "Live Photos", which are essentially motion JPGs that capture the second and half before and after an image is taken with video and accompanying audio.

What most customers will never notice is the improved processor in the new iPhone. Apple calls it an A9, and it is a real improvement over last year’s silicon. Tech reviewers have thrown around language like "desktop-class" to describe its power and speed. Actual users have raved at how smooth and responsive iOS is. Memory is bumped up to 2GB of RAM, which is fairly big news, considering how long iPhones have been running on 1GB.
I’ve chosen the iPhone 6S Plus as the better phone because of it’s larger screen (5.5 inches, compared to the 6S’ 4.7 inches), which makes it much more usable. Many users have reported no longer needing or wanting their iPads or tables because of the larger-sized screen. In addition, the Plus model also includes optical image processing, which its smaller sibling does not.
Rating: 5/5

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