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Apple entered the phablet market in a big way (pardon the pun) with their new 6 Plus. While the 6S Plus looks virtually identical to last year’s inaugural model with virtually the same measurements, 5.5 inch screen and range of data storage options (16GB, 64GB and 128GB respectively), the changes and additions to the new model makes a compelling case for anyone looking to upgrade, including current users of the 6 Plus.

The only real giveaway you have an "S" on the back of the phone or if you opt for the all-new rose gold color; however, you can still choose from space gray, silver, and gold. The metal used in the construction of the new iPhone is a 7000-series aluminum, typically utilized in aerospace applications, making it stronger than previous iPhone incarnations. The screen is also reportedly to be strengthened by the use of a dual-ion exchange glass.

The A9 processor, designed in-house by Apple, has been found to be comparable to desktop processors and with the 2GB of RAM Apple’s finally included in the device, iOS 9 runs extremely smooth and with very little, if any, hiccups. This year’s model also sports a beefed-up 12 megapixel camera (as opposed to last year’s 8 megapixel sensor) that also shoots 4K video with optical image stabilization; this results in clearer stills less prone to blurring and much smoother video capture. Apple is also introducing "Live Photos" with the iPhone 6S models, which are essentially motion GIFs that can be used for the devices lock screen and can be shared to other users.

Tying together many of the first party apps is Apple’s new interface, 3D Touch. Apple Watch and newer Macbook, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air users will have some familiarity with the UI, as it shares many things in common with Force Touch. In the case of 3D Touch, the harder an object is pressed on the screen, the more options it brings up. Third-party app developers are adding their own 3D Touch options as well and it really does open up new usage options.

The Plus’ smaller sibling, the iPhone 6S, has almost exactly the same set of features as the Plus minus the larger screen, of course (the 6S’ screen is 4.7 inches) and the camera lacks optical image stabilization (OIS). As a former iPad Mini user and a sometimes-photographer/videographer, the larger screen of the 6/6S Plus eliminated the need for the smaller tablet, OIS is a must-have feature. For these two reasons, the 6S Plus edges out the 6S, though both are extremely capable phones at the top of their class.Rating: 5/5

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