iRiver T6 MP3 Player

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Expert Review

IRiver may not be a widely known brand, but they make a terrific MP3 player. You can find the T6 in 1, 2, 4, and 8 GB size capacities. It play up to 33 hours of music from a rather limited number of compatible file formats, able to read only MP3's and WMA's. There's also an FM digital tuner and a standard user interface with four way buttons that give you full control over each track, although you may need to get used to using them first.

Up and down are what control the skip functions when most of us are accustomed to those being left and right. The T6 comes with a 1.8 inch screen that lets you look at photos but it won't play video, and besides, with the limited resolution you don't want to watch movies on it anyway. However, it does produce good sound quality that seems to favor the high end and mid-range frequencies, while low-end bass came across as slightly misrepresented. Additionally, the T6 has a record feature that lets you capture music from the radio or your own voice.Rating: 4/5

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