Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Wireless Speakerphone

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Expert Review

Jabra has a dedicated following for its Bluetooth headsets, and their hands free kits for cars are also just as popular. With the integration of Bluetooth kits into cars by manufacturers, this FREEWAY kit may be unnecessary on newer models of cars; for owners of older vehicles or cars without integrated Bluetooth hands free kits, this is a very compelling device.

Jabra’s FREEWAY handles incoming calls with excellent noise cancellation, manages GPS directions, podcasts and music, as well as having battery power for 14 hours of talk time. It can also transmit music and GPS directions the car’s radio via an onboard FM transmitter, which reviewers praise for being able to broadcast a strong signal. The speaker can also be used to accept, reject or make calls as well as announcing the names of incoming callers.Rating: 5/5

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