Jack Black Clay Pomade

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Expert Review

Jack Black is a fan favorite amongst men; however women know a good product when they see one and have been known to sneak Jack Black products and use them for themselves from time to time. If you want to create looks that defy gravity, humidity, cowlicks and curls then look no further than Jack Black Clay Pomade. This new product will give you natural looking hold without out all of the high gloss shine.

This is also another good-for-the-scalp product thanks to tea tree leaf oil which helps heal any existing irritation or sensitive areas. This product is also formulated sage leaf extract which is a natural antiseptic used to naturally treat acne and other skin problems. The dynamic duo of tea tree oil and sage leaf will also help nip dandruff in the bud and prevent product build up. Lavender oil helps soften dry hair while conditioning strands and preventing breakage.Rating: 4.75/5

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