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Expert Review

The latest model of the Villain by Jackson Kayaks is safe, comfortable and extremely maneuverable. Hip pads, the Sure-Lock back band and the Uni-Shock Bulkhead makes this version of the Villain seriously comfortable. The hip pads add control as well as comfort and can be adjusted to provide a snug fit. The back band is easily adjustable and can be fully released with one simple action. The Uni-Shock bulkhead is billed as the safest on the market because it allows for as much as eight inches of give on a single hit, absorbing the shock and saving the paddler from the jarring impact on their legs. The footplates are easily detached to make space for additional gear. Optional gear includes the Jackson Happy Seat that is an inflatable pillow that goes forward of your seat to give you additional control. Add the Happy Thruster to the Happy Seat and you are ready to be airborne.
Rating: 5/5

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