JBL ES150PW 500 Watt Subwoofer

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Expert Review

Bringing JBL’s world-renowned quality and reliability to the table in yet another segment, the ES150PW is a solid offering that all wireless subs should be judged against. While it can’t compete with the real HiFi stuff like the 1000W, it’s still a very capable subwoofer, and is just as tight and punchy as many of JBL’s wired subs. It hits down to 27hz, whether wired or not, and there is really very little difference noticeably between the two modes; I’d still take the Infinite PS210W in wireless mode over the ES150PW in either configuration, but I have to hand it to JBL: their wireless adapter must be better than Infinity’s, because there really isn’t much lost when going wireless. It loses just a bit of low-end definition below 35hz or so when listening to test tones in wireless mode, but beyond that they sound nearly identical, and I don’t think most users would notice the difference at all.

Overall the JBL’s bass presentation is fast, tight, and punchy, and while there is a little extra response between 50-80hz for my liking, which can make the bass sound over-emphasized at times, it really isn’t much to complain about. Definition is solid all the way up to 150hz, and the build quality is solid, like just about anything JBL. Given the fact that this little guy can be had as low as $250 when on sale on Amazon, it’s an incredible bargain, and outperforms many wired subs at that price, making it a more attractive buy than the Infinity for those who are willing to be patient and want to save a little cash; if you see that deal, jump on it for sure!Rating: 4.25/5

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