JBL Studio 190

Expert Review

Anyone who knows anything about speakers has heard of JBL. As the most popular and well-known brand of the Harmon group, they are known the world over for building groundbreaking speakers of all shapes and sizes, from the tiny but room-filling Flip portable Bluetooth speaker to the summit-fi titan Project Everest full-size speakers. While the Studio 190s will never match up to the Everest, they do exemplify JBLs house sound, and will impress just about anyone who hears them short of a seasoned audiophile or music professional. They sound very dynamic and full for a floorstanding speaker, producing punchy yet well-controlled bass that makes most speakers under $1,000 a pair sound either anemic or bloated. Their signature is a bit bassier than the FS52 overall, and those looking for a more capable alternative to the budget Pioneers should look at the FS51 model, but for those seeking a less neutral, more exciting sound, the JBLs deliver. They are also very handsome, with a sleek yet refined angular design and attractive weave pattern covering the speakers front face.

The Studio 190s are a great pair of speakers, and while they are a solid deal at under $1,000 a pair direct from JBL, they can be had for cheaper, and they have dropped as low as $200 apiece on NewEgg. Keep your eyes open for a good deal, and you could have speakers that outshine many similar floorstanders at their MSRP for bottom dollar.Rating: 4.75/5

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