Jellyfish Art Deluxe Kit (6 Gallons)

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Although Jellyfish Art can be purchased as a single tank or kits with one or three Jellyfish, the Deluxe Kit is definitely the most bang for your buck. The Jellyfish Art Deluxe Kit includes everything you could possibly need for your Jellyfish habitat, and more! The kit initially arrives direct to your front door with a 6 gallon glass tank, aquarium salt, water heater, a Water Quality Test Kit, algae cleaner magnet, floating thermometer, vacuum hose, substrate to line your tank, Nutrafin Cycle 1 ounce bottle, Whisper Quiet Air Pump, Airline hose with adjustable valve, check valve, hydrometer, LED Power Supply and color-changing LED lighting with remote. Thats a lot of stuff! The waterflow is optimized for sensitive Jellyfish, but the system can also house fish or invertebrates. You will also receive a Brine Shrimp Hatcher and feeding pipette as well 120mL of Jellyfish food. Once your tank is fully set up and the water is just right your three Large Moon Jellyfish, two Red Leg Hermit Crabs, and two Cleaner Snails will be shipped overnight. The costs of your new creatures and their shipping fees are all included in your initial kit price. You receive full instructions with your kit, but if it all seems overwhelming there are also step-by-step instructions on the companys website, as well as how-to videos for your convenience. The set up is very simple and user-friendly for such a complex habitat, and youll have the most unique little tank kit in the neighborhood!Rating: 4/5

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