JL Audio HD Series HD900/5 Amplifier

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JL Audios HD series of amplifiers represent the best that this company has to offer. According to JL Audio, the HD900/5 is the result of combining two of their excellent Slash v2 amps: the 300/4v2 and the 500/1v2. The result is staggering performance, with all of the intelligent and convenient features that you find on the Slash v2 amplifiers. Versatility is the name of the game here, with different output levels designed to match voltage and impedance. You get 100 watts RMS through 4 channels at 4 ohms, or 75 watts RMS when the impedance is lowered to 1.5-3 ohms. The remaining channel receives 500 watts RMS at anywhere from 1.5-4 ohms, so you can be assured that your subwoofer will be suitably loud. Bridging the outputs nets 150 watts RMS through 2 channels from 3-6 ohms, and the subwoofer channel remains unchanged in output. The HD900/5 is packed full of JL Audios best technologies, from high- and low-pass filters that you can adjust to eliminate the frequencies that your speakers cannot work with, preserving sound quality. The differential-balanced inputs separate the audio signal cables from the chassis ground, so your speakers are not muddled with background noise. Though the price may seem steep, this is easily one of the better amplifiers if you can spring for the price tag.Rating: 5/5

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