JTR Captivator 2400 Subwoofer

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Expert Review

The Captivator does one thing that most other vented subwoofers simply cannot do: it remains perfectly controlled, tight, and accurate at all times while being capable of producing absolutely enormous SPL. Its vented design allows it to create positively thunderous bass down to 22hz while consuming slightly less power than a sealed sub for the same output, and for those who like serious SPL and want the maximum possible perceived bass, sticking two of these right underneath your TV or center channel firing in your face will definitely do the trick. Its 18-inch driver is housed in a simpler design than most woofers in this list; it doesn't incorporate room correction technology or other fancy electronic extras, but as a straight-up subwoofer it is an incredible standalone performer. Even a single Captivator is enough pressurize a fairly large living room or home theater. JTR's fit and finish is legendary amongst audiophiles and the lucky few who have either stumbled across the company through careful research or heard their name through word of mouth, and the captivator is certainly no exception: it is available in a range of custom finishes, including a variety of hardwoods and different colors. The Captivator is a great alternative to the Sub 2 for those who want as much bass as possible, and can be had for much less; it will take a bit of extra effort to set up and tune with your system, but if you're old school or just want to save a bit of cash, the Captivator is a great product.Rating: 4.5/5

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