JTR Noesis 212HT Speaker

Expert Review

Hailing from late-to-the-game manufacturer JTR, the Noesis series of speakers are designed as a minimalistically styled, maximum performance speakers that deliver the absolute best sound quality for top-dollar with no frills. The 212HT is the flagship, and delivers a smooth, effortless sound that trumps some of the industry's best-known stalwarts.

Movies sound excellent on the 212HT. The Noesis hits the sweet spot in what is both the most important and most difficult, and frequently bothersome, aspect of a center channel's sound: vocals. Movie dialogue is never recessed or overshadowed, but also never overly forward or harsh, a huge accomplishment for a dynamic center channel. It is extremely dynamic, capable of portraying whispering voices at audible volumes that are nonetheless very clear, while never producing the shoutiness or midrange over-emphasis are typical of some center channels. Voices are free of grain, and always perfectly placed (so long as your speakers are).

While movies are great, music is really where the Noesis really shines. Its presentation is, again, smooth and grain-free, with absolutely zero harshness and absolute coherence that has to be heard to be believed. Their incredible dynamics stand out in placing instruments not only relative to one another, but in absolute spaces of their own, and the center channel in particular has the ability to sound simultaneously powerful and distant, to help reproduce sounds like the timpani (typically at the rear of the orchestra) with their full timbre without overshadowing others or bleeding frequencies. These speakers are truly world-class, and anyone for whom sound takes precedence over looks should seriously consider the 212HT for any home system.Rating: 5/5

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