JTR Noesis 212HT Speaker

Expert Review

JTR may be a small company, but their sonics punch right up there with the worlds best systems. Many enthusiasts actually prefer the Noesis to more expensive, better known speakers due to their ability to be used as either floor speakers or center channels and create absolutely ridiculous SPLs without distorting. Their balanced, natural sound is rivaled by few, and while the highs on the 800 Series Diamond might be a touch more accentuated, and the speakers from Focal and Wilson are more attractive and perhaps have the edge on detail and soundstage precision with their adjustable, multi-enclosure designs, the JTRs have an incredibly addictive dynamism and are much more efficient than traditional high-end audiophile speakers. This, along with their versatility and minimalist design, featuring 3 drivers per speaker and cabinetry designed solely around acoustics without compromise for aesthetics, makes them an easy choice for those who dont mind their utilitarian styling. Personally I see the minimalist design as a plus, as it allows them to fill the role of floor speaker or center channel without any special modification or stand.

JTRs are not for the faint of heart; some listeners may find that they lack slightly in refinement at lower SPLs. But crank up the volume, and you are in for a real treat: the dynamic range the Noesis are capable of portraying is simply out of this world. These can rock out like no other speaker in production, and it gets even better for movies: with the proper subwoofer, like JTR's Captivator, the 212HTs can recreate sounds like explosions, gun fights, and pretty much any kind of action sequence with the kind of dynamics that will have your heart pounding in your chest.

The Seaton Sound Catalysts are very similar speakers, with comparable sound, versatility, and pricing, but the Noesis are a bit cheaper and require less power, which make them incredibly easy to recommend at under $5,000 for the pair; given their versatility, price to performance ratio, and how close they come to even the Focal Grande Utopia EM in terms of overall sound quality and faithful reproduction of source material, they are an absolutely insane bargain, and probably the last speakers you will ever buy.Rating: 4.75/5

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