Jupiter 511RBS Series Student Flute with B-Foot

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Expert Review

The Jupiter 511RBS flute is designed to provide a step-up level instrument at a beginner price. This flute has a B-foot which extends the lower range of the flute lower, something required at higher levels of performance. The keys on this flute are open-holed for a more accessible sound though the holes can be plugged for beginner players because of difficulty learning with open holes.

The flute keys are connected with Y-arms to be sturdier and a gizmo key is included to make notes in the upper register respond better. The inline G-key on this flute, in combination with the open holes and B-foot, make the flute less accessible to younger or smaller musicians. The features this flute has in common with higher-level instruments ensure it will travel with the student beyond the beginning stages and into more intermediate levels of musicianship.Rating: 4/5

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