Kalamazoo K750HT Hybrid Fire Freestanding Grill

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Expert Review

If you live next door to Bobby Flay and you want to give him a run for his money as the block grill master, run out and grab a Kalamazoo K750HT Hybrid grill. While the Kalamazoo is not the biggest grill on the list with just 726 square inches of cooking space, its features more than makes up for it. This grill is a hybrid and can use any combination of gas, wood, or charcoal, allowing you to get just the right type of flame for your grilling task. It also boasts three brass covered convection burners, and two infrared burners, one for searing and the other for rotisserie.

The advanced heat dynamics allow this grill to reach temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees; with this kind of heat you can sear off anything you could possibly think of. This grill priced around $15,000 and comes with customizable grill grates so you can add your own personal mark to those steaks, letting your company know who the pit master on the block is.Rating: 5/5

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