Keeley Fuzz Head Pedal

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Expert Review

Keeley’s Fuzz Head pedal draws its unique blend of overdrive and fuzz from its NPN Germanium transistor. Part of what makes this pedal stand out from the rest is its Si/Ge switch, which gives players the ability to control a secondary clipping stage by adding a pair of internal diodes (the Germanium plus a silicon) into the signal for more sustain and a smoother, more saturated sound. Switching between the two settings can result in a fuzzier, more compressed tone, or a wider, open-sounding sound, respectively. The pedal is also true bypass, which protects your tone from being sucked by having the pedal in your rig. And because fuzz tends to be a very responsive effect, rolling back the volume on your guitar can result in some pretty cool sounding clean and slightly overdriven tones, too.Rating: 4.75/5

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