KEF KHT3005SE-K2 5.1 Speaker System

Expert Review

KEF has always been a brand name that budget-conscious audiophiles can look to for wallet-friendly alternatives to the big names like Klipsch, MartinLogan, and Bowers & Wilkins. The K2 is the latest iteration of KEFs 3000-series speaker lineup, which includes the Kube 2 subwoofer, delivering deeper, cleaner bass than the HTB2SE included in the former iteration of the KHT3005SE package. Whereas the HTB2SEs slightly bloated response did not fit well with the overall clean and smooth sound of the 3000-series, the K2 system integrates rather nicely, and the Kube 2s cleaner response makes the K2 system much more competitive with the Paradigm 100CT and B&W MT-50.

KEFs house sound is a smooth, airy presentation backed up by strong bass; stronger, in this case, than the ASW608 from B&Ws MT-50 setup, meaning that the KEF system might be a better choice for those who arent excited by B&Ws soaring treble response which, while extremely clean and detailed, can sound artificial or grating to those with sensitive ears, or perhaps just unnatural to anyone more accustomed to the consumer-oriented sound of lower-end systems that dont provide such extended high frequency response. The K2 system is a much more fun approach, whereas B&Ws aim is to appeal to audiophiles; I think the K2s sound signature will actually be preferred by the great majority of those looking for a high-end but normal sounding speaker system, and with a going rate around $500 less than B&Ws offering, its a very safe choice for those not looking to go all-in on B&Ws acquired flavor.Rating: 4/5

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