KEF Reference 204/2c Center Channel Speaker

Expert Review

KEF's 204/2c is perhaps most notable for its pure levels of detail. While their sound reproduction is not as buttery smooth and well-rounded as the Noesis, they are incredibly precise and detailed, and lose out in levels of absolute detail only to Martin Logan's electrostats, while maintaining a much more natural, full sound. The extra warmth is appreciated when watching movies, which tend to benefit from a more enveloping presentation, and the KEF delivers on this note. It can easily help a matching system fill nearly any room with accurate, detailed sound that really does have to be heard to be believed.

While it can't quite match the smoothness of the Noesis, the KEFs do have an equally natural timbre, and can reproduce vocal dynamics in movies just as accurately, and with a slightly more precise feel; music lovers, however, will likely prefer the 212HT for its incredible smoothness and dynamic dexterity. The KEF can sound a tad harsh at times in comparison, but is also more detailed; to all but highly trained ears, this competition is probably a wash, and many people may prefer the more attractive 204/2c.

One drawback of the 204/2c is its size: not all home systems will be able to accommodate its monstrous nearly 4-foot width. However if you've got the space, this KEF is sure to please those looking for serious detail reproduction while maintaining a natural timbre.Rating: 4.75/5

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