Kenmore 30 gal. Compact 6-Year Electric Water Heater

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Expert Review

This Kenmore point-of-use hot water heater has a slightly larger capacity than most other point-of-use heaters. Holding up to 30 gallons of hot water, in a 22-inch wide tank, it stands only 30 inches tall, but will deliver seven gallons of hot water per hour; hot and ready for when you need it. Designed more for a small commercial space, it is built like a whole house hot water heater, with two inches of foam insulation, and a heavy duty anode rod to help reduce rust. This model also comes with a glass lining to help with energy efficiency and longevity. Designed for indoor use, this model comes with one year warranty on parts and labor, and a six year warranty on the tank. While not Energy Star compliant, it runs on a standard 120-volt outlet, and can be unplugged for periods of non- use.Rating: 4.5/5